Cancun Best Fares - A Total Rip-Off!!!! Beware!!!

Sandpoint, Idaho 0 comments

In February of 2008 I booked a trip with this agency over the phone.They told me it would be no problem and they needed $800 off my credit card to book the trip for two.

I was hesitant at first but decided to go through with it anyhow. They then sent me a package where I had to fill out paperwork and pay $99 per person fo taxes. I sent them the check and later found out they had "overbooked" and my dates would not work. Now they will not refund my money!!!!

No phone calls back-No money!! Beware of IRR it is a joke and a Total Scam!!

What a shame society has come down to this!All involved should be ashamed of themselves!!


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Cancun Best Fares - Do not fall for corporate travel 'deals'!!!!!

Hercules, California 0 comments
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I am another person that was taken by Cancun best fares,those heartless jerks, but i think i found them!I got the fax that i originally fell for back in December, but recently before i discovered i had been taken when i tried to book my prepaid vacation, i got another fax at work from a different company 'corporate travel' I called and am almost positive same scam!

this one for orlando, bahamas cruise and mexico. this number is 18772876950 i even called pretending to be a different 'customer' and same 45 day notice, same 'oh let me talk to my manager, yes there's only one left but you have to book now' supposedly they are based out of daytona and i've got two names.

the old 800 numbers (18006701823 and 18004573721) have either been disconnected or are now phone sex advertisements. i got thru on a different number (18007312461) and played dumb inquiring about travel deals, but as soon as i brought up the name cancun best fares, i was promptly transferred to a non answered extension.

complete bull!

i plan to take all of this to my employer's legal department to see what they can do as i work in a very large healthcare facility, i'm sure i'm not the only employee who was duped!

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Cancun Best Fares - Uh oh... I should of checked here 1st

Irvine, California 5 comments
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Well, I thought I was a good researcher in going on vacation for our anniversary and not fall for the spur of the minute deals.I should have checked the web about this co.

before dropping my cash. Well I havent completely booked my whole package, but I did let go of the $800 package fee. Well I got the welcome letter etc. and thats when thet asked for the additional $99 PER PERSON "tax" fee to I.R.R.

I have been procrastinating in finishing the booking process because of that, but because of the rising plane costs, my wife has lit a flame underneath me. I went to AAA to ask their opinion of the resorts available and they did their best. So thats when I came to the web and found this site. After reading all the reviews, I decided to call them back and pose as a new customer.

When the "salesman" came on the phone, he told me the just stopped their "special" package price 1 hour ago, but let me talk to my mgr. and see if I can fit you in. (yea, like I just fell off the turnip truck buddy). He comes back and tells me he can still do it (big surprise).

Now the main reason I called was to find out about the $200 peak date scam mainly and to find out if the resort we were looking at(the Omni) was All Inclusive. He wanted to pass me off to his mgr. so bad, but I got ths answers I was looking for. He( Edward) told me the only peak times that results in extra fees are Christmas, New Years, & Thanksgiving.

I asked "Thats it?...yes thats it" (and yes the Omni is All Inclusive he told me-A 5 star rated by AAA) I do have more questions for the agent assigned to me, so hopefully all will go well... (fingers crossed...

eyes too).



Royal Elite sales associate are willing to tell you basically anything that you want to hear just to get you to sign, you should be able to ask as many questions as you have, you should be able to sleep on the decision you are about to make, specially is we are talking thousands of dollars, you should be able to review the hotel and the contract, if the contract is not giving to you to read it and review it.. THEN DO NOT SIGN, it means that everything you have being hearing during the presentation is a total and utter lie. here is another blacklist of this hotel and how many other people were scam by this resort:


Any luck with that lawyer or attorney general, donovan???? Fell 4 it too. Still have all the documentation....lemme know...out 1k :[


This company is a rip off Dont give them anymore money There must be something that can be done Maybe we should all contact the retain one lawyer or the attorney general's office

thoughts ?

Herman, Pennsylvania, United States #18291

i need help.i received a fax for a cabo trip and thought it was a good idea.

all inclusive. after paying close to $700 then they tell me that it doesn't include fare and there are limited dates. i wanted to cancel, but they refused. i tried for 3 days straight to cancel, but evidentually gave up.

i received the package in the mail and threw it to the side. i finally was ready to book, about 6 months later, and no one answers the number i have. so i got online and saw all these horrible stories. i don't know what to do.

should i contact my bank or the florida BBB? where to start?

will i ever get my money back?any hope out there?

Bracey, Virginia, United States #16234

I also feel I got scammed by this company - Vacations Inc.and I am not sure where to go from here.

Evidentally the only Resort available from my original list is the Sandos Caracol.

Any help for getting my money back would be appreciated.thnx

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Cancun Best Fares - or IRR or Vacations INC or Vacations lV

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 3 comments
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after receiving a fax reciept i noticed that the what i had received was a generic looking and began to wonder.i called to inquire and was rushed off the phone and told to go to website

I went and noticed that the site made no sense. I even (just to know for sure) treid to book a 'vacation' on the website and you couldnt do it.. that was when i KNEW that it was not legit. I then contacted the company and they gave me the run around, even laughing once at me on the phone before hanging up.

I then received a package in the mail with no company name, no hotel or flight info, only that i had to send 99 per person to some po box in florida made out or IRR.. i mean, who is IRR? So, I filed a complaint with my bank to get the charges reversed, wrote a detailed letter about my suspicions and just now received a letter back from my bank with a note from cancunbestfares stating that if they give me money back that they will report me to a collections bureau. I tried once again to call the 800 number and i calmly asked for a manager and they HUNG UP on me..

i called right back asking again and they hung up a second time. It is sad to me that there are people in this world that get pleasure out of hurting others.

I know that my 800 dollars will never get returned to was a HUGE lesson.

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I still have not gotten my $594.00 from IRR, what a rip off and they are still getting away with this using another name, beware about booking anything over the fax or email.....

Franklintown, Pennsylvania, United States #26525

On Novermber 15,2007 I was scammed into purchasing the deal of a lifetime.With all the additional packages that were being added to my purchase because I was a United States Army Veteran I was so happy.

Come to find out I will never see that money ever again. Does anyone even know if there is anything that we can do about this? Someone somewhere has to be able to track them down and get resolution.

I suppose that I have learned my lesson.I am not going to stop here though.......

Norquay, Saskatchewan, Canada #25387

I received a notice in November 2007 for a 6 Day All-Inclusive for only $314.00.I made a reservation spoke to Emma Davis ext 1038.

She instructed me that the 6 day all-inclusive package was for Grand Baya, or Presidential Continental in Cabo San Lucas. I received a receipt of confirmation charging my credit card $598.00 with a $20.00 service charge totaling $618.00 which was immediately removed from my account. On 2/14/08 $198.00 dollars was cashed from my checking account for a reservation for March 17-22, 2008 that you have failed to honor. I have spoke to several of your staff without success in getting a reservation per your contract.

You have failed to even return my calls.

I have requested to speak to the owner of the department and again no response.To date I have not received a confirmed packaged vacation as promised per contract and you have taken a total of $816.00 dollars from my account I do not have a reservation and I have called several times and left several messages.

Cancun Best Fares or IRR

Richardson, Texas 11 comments
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Do not book a vacation with this company.Please spread the word.

They are one of those places you call and have to make the decision on the phone that moment, without a call back. We decided to do this for our honeymoon. Bad IDea!

They told us of one $99 charge for taxes and now we have had to pay a $99 PER PERSON.

Next we were told our travel dates were not peak season, and in fact we are being told now that it is peak season and they need an additional $200 from us! I was told by our salesperson that this was 'adjusted' but no one can find any adjustment on our account. No one will help me. I call for my sales rep and I am on the phone for hours, on hold.

I am told I can talk to manager, when really everyone is a "manager". I was promised phone calls back- have recieved NONE! This is horrible and we haven't even gotten to our hotel yet!

What ever will it be like ?!

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i see that some had a bad experience with them but me on the other hand did have some fee adjustments with the peak season , but beleive me when i got to mexico, it was beautiful i had to send travel comm a letter tell them that i thought they was bogus but the vacation was real. *** im lookinbg for another vaction and i went to florida for free. that was nice too.


Well, My dear friends, I guess I was not the only one being robed by this people. The fact is the after paying them $700.00 I never had an apportunity to speak with a person that will help me to the point that I still have the all package at my house which I do not think I will ever use it.


Same story - but we are trying to locate a person or company that we can TRY to get back the upfront payment over the phone, we never sent the $99 per person because we heard AFTER we made the "TO GOOD TO BE TRUE" deal over the phone that it was a scam. We can't even get anyone to answer their phones. Our warning to anyone who gets that phone call just say NO!

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States #12396

Whatever you do, do not buy a cancun package from this company.My boyfriend and i bought a package for graduation and it has been nothing but nightmares since.

This first problem we had was when we said we wanted to go to CABO not cancun, they told us that was fine but we would have to put cancun first then when we recieve our package we would go ahead and change it back to Cabo.. makes no sense. So we called them once we recieved our package to change it back to Cabo, and they told us they werent booking for Cabo for 6 months. Then we agreed to Cancun and they said they would put us in a resort called "ocean club" we researched it and it looked like a dump.

They are now saying we have to be 21 to travel but when we purchased the package they asked our age and we said 19 and they said that was fine. We have called approximately 45 times in the last 4 months, and all we get told is they will call us back when they figure something out. They never call back.

We asked to talk to a supervisior and they always the supersvisior is out of the office.TOTAL SCAM DO NOT DO IT!

Vergennes, Vermont, United States #10323

I fell for it to but I have been in contact with Frank Roycraft from the FL Consumer services and he is dealing with them for me.

Three Rivers, Texas, United States #10068

Wow I wander if I can sue the *** out of this agency.They are a bunch of fraud.

They take your money and after that they stick you in a *** hotel, even though on their website they have five star hotels. They tell you everything is on availability and when its your time they tell you they only have this one hotel available you either take it or your money is non refundable. But of course they don't tell you that from the start.

They never return phone calls, bad customer service and they never let you speak to a manager.Don't ever buy from them.

Mount Enterprise, Texas, United States #9874

i fell for this also with 10 of my friends...i paid with debit (*** *** ***), i can't get the $99 check back because its as good as cash, but im trying to get the other money back my getting credit from my bank...

this company is heartless and criminal...DO NOT BUY!

they go by: cancunbestfares, cancunonsale, IRR

Brookeland, Texas, United States #9311

my friend and i also fell for this rogue company!we were even told that our money would be refunded, but it has not happened!

i want very badly to sue, but then that's spending even more's madness!

Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania, United States #8249

i also fell for it and i am in the middle of a dispute with the company.I realize today that i will not be getting my money back.

I paid with a debit card so there is no way i can. I have tried to contact the company but it is amazing that when i ask to speak with a manager, they hang up. This has happened several times. I really wish there was something that could be done.

But my feeling is they are totally heartless and are laughing all the way to the bank.I have never had to deal with such *** in my life. It is unbelievable. One of the ladies I spoke told me she was in Mexico... This is probably true.

They will continue to steal money from people and get away with it..All from a fax that i recieved at work....

Silverton, Oregon, United States #7953

we to received this fax with the "great offer of getting a beautiful all inclusive trip to cancun" the same thing happened we called had to book right away to reserve a spot, asked about our planned travel dates and were told that it was not peak season and that there were at least 12 hotels to chooses from, then on a subsequent call were told our travel dates were peak season and would cost $200 extra, i balked at this and asked when peak season was - june 23rd to ??- we were then told that there was only three choices of hotels available and of course not the one we had set our hearts on.

again i complained and asked to speak with a manager, now we were offered an upgrade to a much nicer hotel but at a cost.. we declined. now several phone calls and many hours later we have paid the original fee, a 200.00 peak season fee, as others were told originally that it was a $99 tax and gratuity fee per room to only find out they wanted $99 per person which i actually got returned to $99 per room since one of the few pieces of paper work we received had this clearly marked on it. we do have antoher form showing that there is a hotel reservation however we are still waiting for the actually confirmation.

there was also a call regarding transport from the airport to the hotel so i am feeling somewhat releaved but still very unsure and very angry at the way this all transpired. hopefully this all works out better than it has so far.

i will never ...never...

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Roland, Oklahoma, United States #7702

I fell for it also, starting with a fax at my work stating that they made a contract with my employer for corporate discounts. The whole thing was a lie and a ripoff

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